Fish Tacos

Hello everyone! I am very excited that my first official post on the new site has to do with food. I’ve always enjoyed cooking / baking, but I feel like I’ve been on a real kick lately of trying new things and I’m excited to share this recipe with you all.

The other night I was really craving fish tacos but didn’t feel like going out to eat alone (I have before, just wasn’t in the mood on this particular day) so I figured I would try my first attempt at fish tacos. I quickly looked up a few different recipes on how to make blackened fish tacos and different salsa / topping ideas and found some ideas I liked to play around with when going about making mine. I feel like that’s my usual style when cooking – look at a few different recipes and mix, match, and modify until I feel like I’m personally going to like what I’m making. Honestly, hasn’t failed me yet.

I decided on a basic fish taco – ideally you’re going to want to use a sturdier piece of fish than I did, but the grocery store I chose to go to had some limited white fish options so I had to use cod. It was good because cod is a very mild, plain fish so I knew it was going to absorb the spices well it’s just extremely fragile once cooked so it got a little messy. Next I chose to make a spicy pico de gallo so I picked up what I needed for that, and finally I wanted something with avocado so I decided to top off with an avocado crema. I also picked up some homemade corn tortillas made in Brooklyn.

Prepping, cooking, and assembling took a total of about 45 minutes I would say. That included taking these photos and working relatively quickly to try and get as much natural light for these photos as possible – which I was losing quickly as you’ll be able to tell from the final taco photo haha.

The final result:


Now, let’s get into how to make these yourself because it was so easy and they were delicious!

As a disclaimer before I get started: unless I’m baking or trying to make something that feels as though it requires precise measurements I basically eyeball everything. I’ll leave rough serving size estimates for the three parts of the recipe and you can modify as you see fit.

Pico de gallo enough for 4 small/medium size tacos

1 roma tomato, diced

1/2 small red onion, diced

1 small jalapeno, finely diced                                                                                                 remove seeds if you don’t want it as spicy or skip adding all together for a mild pico

About 1/4 cup of cilantro, chopped

Juice from 1/2 of a lime

2 to 3 grinds of sea salt

2 to 3 grinds of black pepper

Add the first 4 ingredients above into a bowl, season with the salt, pepper, and lime juice and then toss until everything is mixed together and you’re done!

Cover with plastic wrap and set aside in the fridge until you’re ready to assemble your tacos.


Avocado Crema enough for 4-6 small/medium tacos

1 generous spoonful of mayo (can also use sour cream)

1 small to medium sized avocado

Juice from 1/2 a lime

Combine all these ingredients in a food processor until smooth. Put aside until ready to assemble tacos.

Note: You could also use a magic bullet or a blender do combine these ingredients as well to achieve a smooth, creamy consistency. I have a blender, but as you can tell from the picture I did not use that haha. I combined all ingredients by hand more in the interest of time and less dishes to do if we’re being completely transparent but all tasted the same and I got the avocados pretty smooth. 


Spicy Fish enough for 3-4 small/medium tacos 

1 piece of cod, cut roughly into 2.5 inch long pieces

Lime juice

Spice: I used a Mexican dried chili spice blend I picked up from my local grocery store, a little bit of dried thyme, garlic powder and onion powder. In hindsight I should have been a little less generous with the dried chili spice blend because these were S-P-I-C-Y, and I like some heat, but now I know haha. 

Squeeze the lime juice onto the fish, both sides, to get a nice coat for the rub to stick to. Then toss your fish in the mixture of spices or sprinkle on if you’d like a less heavy coating.

Note: You could substitute cod for mahi-mahi, shrimp, tofu, chicken, steak – really any type of filler you prefer. 

Cooking your fish and warming your tortillas:

Flour or corn tortillas are both fine for these tacos, whatever your preference is. Flour tortillas I would recommend warming on a baking sheet in the over or dry in a pan on the stove. I prefer corn, so before I prepped my fish I began heating a thin layer of vegetable oil in a skillet.

Once the fish was ready I heated some olive oil in a larger non-stick pan and cooked my fish on medium heat flipping occasionally.

While the fish begins to cook, drop your corn tortillas one at a time into the oil quickly about 8-10 seconds per side and set on a plate with paper towels.

Cook the fish (or filling of choice) all the way through and/or until the outside begins to brown. Since I used cod I knew it was basically done when it started flaking apart when I tried to flip it.

Once your fish and tortillas are done, you are ready to assemble and eat! Easy as 1-2-3!

Definitely comment down below if you have any suggestions on what you like to use as your taco filler and seasoning, or if you tried making these I’d love to see photos and hear any feedback you have!

Happy cooking!

xx Marissa

Editor’s note: can we also appreciate these iPhone 8 photos? 



5 thoughts on “Fish Tacos

  1. Well, Marissa, that sounded delicious, even as you were giving instruction. The pictures helped me to anticipate what I would be eating when I was done cooking. Wondering, did you pare this dish with a wine ? If so, what was your choice ?
    Great job, keep it up !


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