When Traveling Is a Part of You, You Just Make It Work

Paige Faber is a 23-year-old Missouri State grad who moved to Chicago, IL this past summer. Faber began taking many of her trips in January 2016 when she studied abroad in London, England. Since then she has traveled to Europe, Australia, and to a number of states in the US, but not without some serious budgeting and saving.

Paige spent 3.5 years working at Bath and Body Works while in college at Missouri State, where according to The Department of Labor the minimum wage is only $7.65/hr. (at the time she was employed, it is now $7.85) but managed to save roughly $7,000 to fund her European adventure. After that, while working at a crisis nursery in St. Charles, Missouri she had an income of $20,000 a year.

During those 10 months, Paige traveled to New York, New Orleans, Alabama, Chicago, and Upstate New York, while also saving to move to her dream city of Chicago where the median gross rent per month, according to the US Census most recent census, is $987/month. This was going to be a new and large monthly expense for Paige, but the travel bug wasn’t going to be over.

According to a survey mentioned in an article written for Forbes.com, Millenials have had access to much less money compared to prior generations. The money they do have they tend to spend on experiences. Specifically, 70% of respondents said that funding travel is their main motivation to work second only to paying for basic necessities.

Since moving, Faber has managed to travel to New York, St. Louis a number of times, and went to a big weekend music festival Lollapalooza while maintaining paying her bills which include rent, student loans, and a credit card payment while working as a nanny.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.48.56 PM.png

Faber said, “my motivation to travel has been finding how to travel cheap” and this is what has mainly afforded her the ability to continue traveling. Faber would like to pass off the following to anyone who feels like they can’t move to their dream city and still have the freedom and funds to travel: “Dream big, take risks, and don’t let anyone bring you down.”


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