New Year, New…Everything?

I know it’s now almost 2 weeks into 2019 but I still want to share some of my new year changes and resolutions intentions.

Let’s address some of the changes that happened to kick off my 2019, thankfully these have all been positive changes! First, I chopped off all that dead blonde hair and glossed it back to a shade similar to my natural dark, dark, dark brown. I had been talking about cutting my hair short for the better half, no make that almost the entire year, of 2018. I usually regret it the instant I cut more than an inch off BUT not this time. I LOVE it and as of now I plan on keeping it short for a while.

New hair, new glasses, same smile.

Second big 2019 change is that I finally got a promotion at work. Not finally in a like “it’s about time” but also pretty much finally, like, it’s about time. I’m excited to take on some more responsibility, work on new brands, learn how to plan other offline media, and hopefully have some more contact with the client side of things.

Third thing is that I moved, am moving! As of January 1st I was officially packed up and moved out of my first New York City Apartment in Astoria. I spent a brief year and a half there and I’m so excited for my new chapter in South Harlem. I’ll be living with one of my college best friends, Meaghan, as well as an undecided third roommate and I am excited to document and share our apartment decoration and renovation process. I am (fingers crossed, please!) moving February 1st, which in turn will mark the end of me living with my girlfriend for the month of January. Although it has been going smoothly, moving in together isn’t on the table for 2019 so we’re ready to part ways haha.

Driving my first ever U-haul!

Now onto the super aspirational resolutions and expectations I am trying to set for myself. I took categories from Lauren Elizabeth, who in turn took them from someone on The Lady Gang podcast, and they are Love, Family, Home, Business, Money, Self Care, Health, and Silly. I’m also going to add in School because there are some things that need work there as well. Notice how I said that I am calling these things intentions instead of resolutions this year.

Love: Make sure we keep on track with monthly date-nights. It’s easy to get caught up in the go, go. go every week and want to see friends on the weekend but once a month having time set aside for a dinner and drinks no phones just us is super important to both of us and for us as a unit.

 Family: Prioritize time and communication with my family, specifically with my birth family. I actually felt like I was home quite a bit to see my parents and siblings in Massachusetts this past year and don’t see that being too different this year but I am consciously aware that I have made little to no effort with not just seeing, but just connecting through a text or trying to schedule a video call with another whole section of my family. I’m really trying to make an effort in 2019 to reach out more often, hopefully see those people in person, and actually work on fostering those relationships.

Home: Make my space feel welcoming, comforting, and like ‘home’. My old apartment was so drab with really no personality or comforting touches added to it. I’m excited to make my new place, even if it’s just my bedroom, somewhere I feel happy to be in.

Business: For my day job, I’m trying to be more attentive and eager. I felt pretty unexcited and under-appreciated most of last year and I’m ready to jump into 2019 with a new team and new attitude towards my job. For my personal endeavors, aka this little thing right here, I want to really take posting not only more consistently but in a more curated way as well. I’ve set aside time already to really plan the types of content I want to share, how I want to share it, and how to also get better at engaging on social media to help really gain and maintain readership in 2019.

Money: Save, save, save. I want to get my credit card debt zeroed and keep them for those large purchases, end of year Christmas gifts, and emergency needs. I also want to start actually working towards a personal savings to be able to better book and plan travel or big purchases. Overall, just have a better handle on my personal finance. So far using Mint the past few weeks has changed my life. Truly, I love going in and making sure all of my transactions are tracked properly to see where I need to manage spending because I set monthly budgets for every little thing I spend money on. I also put in savings goals, monthly bills, and credit card/student loan information.

Travel: My travel goal for 2019 is to, obviously, do it more often but even if that means weekend trips that are easily accessible from the city. I also want to make sure I spend more time in 2019 exploring the city I live in. There are so many things I haven’t done, seen, or tried yet that I want to simply because I just haven’t made the effort. A mini series I want to do here is NYC neighborhood guides so I’m excited to explore the different areas of the city more in depth to be able to make those.

Self Care: I want to continue working on skincare and improving my skin from head to toe. I also want to make time for the “pampering” things that genuinely make me feel good like getting a massage or facial every few months. Allowing myself to feel okay for ‘treating’ myself to those things when I feel it’s okay to spend the money on them. I also need to stay more consistent with my therapy appointments even when I think I don’t need them.

Health: I want to make sure I’m taking the right supplements for my body, such as vitamin D after learning I have a deficiency. Now that I have to take medication daily for my thyroid I think having a little army of good pills that I take routinely will be a more attainable goal. Also, working out consistently even if that means committing to 1 workout a week.

School: Don’t procrastinate so much. Actually look ahead at what’s due not just for the week but for the entire 4-week class so I can map out events to cover, when I’ll have time to film things, and when I’ll have time to edit things to actually produce good work. I’ve been doing well in my classes, and fitting everything in is tough, but I know I can do a little better.

Silly: One of my silly goals is to put in more effort every day to my appearance. I’m a big believer of look good, feel good and I know that I feel like I can take on the world when I actually take the time to put on a good outfit and accessories that make me feel good. I’m trying to re-vamp my closet and up my style game.

How have you been doing with your New Years resolutions or intentions?! If you feel like you’ve already started slipping – reset on Monday. You’ve got this!

I’m excited to share how 2019 pans out with all of you and don’t forget to follow my Instagram because it’s one of my intentions to be more active on there! @writtenbymarissa

xx, M


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