Rue Saint Paul Is Making Women Re-Think Their Relationship with the Things in Their Closet and in Their Home

On Sunday, February 10th, I met up with Kelly Wang, founder and owner of Rue Saint Paul at the Canal Street Market in Chinatown, NYC. We talked about her boutique’s current month-long pop-up shop, how she got her start, and where she hopes to see her brand grow in the next few years. Rue Saint Paul, a Brooklyn-based homeware and women’s fashion boutique, was founded by Wang in hopes to inspire women to be more connected to the items they own.

We think when you know where things come from, how they’re made, you just form a bond with the things that you own and you become a little bit more empathetic and you really appreciate those things a bit more.” -Kelly Wang, owner and founder of Rue Saint Paul

Rue Saint Paul came to life about a year ago, after Wang decided to quit her job in finance in order to do something that felt a bit more personally fulfilling. As for starting a business in New York, she thanks the city for its vibrant energy and it’s innate ability to inspire anyone to push through and make their dreams come true. Since the store is mainly headed online, pop-up shops have served as a great place for Wang to test out the store’s price points, what items sell better than others, and explore the real “user experience” before the flagship B&M comes to life in Brooklyn.

Having the desire to inspire women to have a connection with the things they own, Wang works to have that connection start with where these items are coming from. All of the items in the shop are sourced from independent businesses, emerging labels, and from female creators. Wang also finds these makers in many different ways. Like many other boutique owners, she attends trade show events, but more often then not they are found through local networking and even sliding into someone’s DM on Instagram. The clothing items are made from real materials, such as linen and silk, and a lot of the artwork and ceramic pieces she sells are all hand-made, unique, and numbered. Purchasing something from Rue Saint Paul truly means you are getting something special, with a lot of love poured into it – not something mass produced that you are able to find anywhere.

A word of advice for other entrepreneurs out there? Just get started and start doing. “If you just take that first step, make a plan, and just keep going after that I think it might lead you to places you might not even have expected.”

Shop Rue Saint Paul online, here!

Want to shop them in person?

February 2019 – Canal Street Market, 265 Canal Street, New York, NY

May 2019 – On Canal, 329 Canal Street, New York, NY

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