So, I Tried A Style Subscription Box

A goal of mine for 2019 is to work on my personal style. Really hone-in on what I like, invest in some good pieces that are timeless and will last, and also explore some new stores and brands that I want to wear. 

There are many style subscription boxes out there. Some you may have heard of, such as Stitch Fix and Fabletics, and others are less advertised such as Rachel Zoe‘s Box of Style and Le Tote‘s monthly clothing rental subscription. After doing some research on basically all of them I decided to try Trunk Club, which is actually a Nordstrom company. I’ve been shopping at Nordstrom for years now, which was first introduced to me by mom when it came to our local mall. Knowing that I tend to find things I like there, and the fact that their stylist fee of $25/month seemed to be the best deal across the boxes, it was an easy win against the rest. 

If you know me, you know I love to shop. As much as I love online ‘browsing’ and getting an arm workout looking through racks at the store, Trunk Club does it all for me.

So, how exactly does it work?

You start setting up your profile by completing a style quiz and answering questions like what are you looking for such as clothes for work, something for vacation, or in my case, to elevate/discover my style. Then you say yes or no to a series of outfits they lay out for you to determine what styles you lean more towards. They cover it all from colors you like/dislike, patterns you like/dislike, and body parts you prefer to show off or cover up. One feature of the quiz I also appreciate is your typical spending habits for certain pieces in your closet, because I’m not trying (nor can I afford) to break the bank on this.

The quiz wraps up with information about your sizing, height, weight, and even age to help determine both well-fitting and age appropriate styles and items. After that you enter your shipping info and how often you want to receive your box – then you’re in! Your quiz results get sent to your stylist and they reach out to you over the messaging center of the website. One feature I also liked right away was that you can send them items or entire boards from your Pinterest if you have one. 


After reviewing my stylist’s first pull, which took 2-3 days to become available, I had 48 hours to confirm or swap out items I didn’t like. I ended up swapping out 4 items with feedback as to what I disliked – like that an item was too expensive or an item was a style I usually don’t like. After that, she swapped those items and my box was sent. I ended up getting 3 dresses, 2 pairs of booties, 2 tops, 1 sweater, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of joggers, 1 jacket, and a pair of earrings. 

My stylist (her name is Angela btw), also put together a few outfits for me with the items I was getting so I could try on actual outfits instead of just separate pieces of clothing. I liked this touch 1. because I’m trying to update my wardrobe top-to-bottom and 2. sometimes I can’t think of ways I might style something on my own or didn’t think to do it the way she put it together. 

tc 19


About a week later my trunk arrived – amazing packaging by the way! – and I got to try on everything.     


Interested? Try Trunk Club yourself! Click here


After trying everything on I had to decide what I wanted and what I was returning. I decided to just keep this soft and comfy Madewell sweater.

IG: @writtenbymarissa

I packed everything back up in the trunk, taped it shut and stuck the return sticker on it (all of these materials were provided and free). One thing I hate about online shopping is having to return by mail, but of course they make this process easy too! I logged in to the app to give my feedback on the clothes and noticed that you can actually schedule a pickup right from your house (!!!)

Overall, I really enjoyed my Trunk Club experience and I loved the items I got in my first box. I definitely plan on giving this another go while continuing to find new brands and items I want to add into my wardrobe, but it will probably be on a more seasonal basis.

I look forward to sharing this little fashion journey with all of you! Comment below some of your favorite brands that you think I should check out or what style / accessories subscription boxes you love!

Oh, and to continue with my new wardrobe overhaul – one new item in means one old item must go… guess it’s time to Marie Kondo my closet. 

xx, M

Trunk Club

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