Ayadee Studio Strives to Highlight Differences & Celebrate Uniqueness

Hello everyone!

We are officially getting into the second post in my #fiercefemale series here on the blog. I am so excited to share my recent interview with Samar and Elena, the creators of Ayadee Studio “a home accent brand that elevate imperfections into an art form.”

We want our products to be more than just art pieces and become artifact that represent something special. -Elena and Samar, Ayadee Studio

M: How did the two of you meet and then decide to create Ayadee Studio?

AS: We became friends while studying at Parsons and on many occasions our long conversations would inevitably go into musings on life, how fast-paced it is and how we get carried away running after perfection, and ending up losing the essence of who we really are.

Ayadee was born out of the idea of celebrating what makes us unique, even in its most unusual form. By shedding a light on the beauty of our imperfections, we change our perspective on who we are, we learn to appreciate what makes us special, and allow ourselves to lead our lives to the fullest.

M: In your opinion, what makes your pieces unique and special?

AS: Ayadee means hands so like the lines of our hands each product is unique. All of our pieces are handmade and from a limited edition…we want to make sure that owning an Ayadee piece is always extra special.

We work hard to think of every aspect of our customer experience so we strive to create special moments from the product unwrapping to its use.

We start with the story behind each piece where we craft a unique narrative that usually found its genesis in people’s journey, their wins and setbacks… these are personal story that others can relate to, connect with and be touched by. We want our products to be more than just art pieces and become artifact that represent something special. It has been pretty wonderful to see how some of our customers are using the Ayadee pieces are a way to communicate their feelings to their beloved ones, a message of hope for someone who went through hardship, a promise to be a better person and repair a relationship

We also put a lot of effort into creating an enchanting unwrapping experience. We put as much thought into the products than in our packaging and gift box and each product comes with a product booklets that has the piece’s profile (name, collection and number), the collection’s story  and care instructions

M: What do you consider your ‘perfect’ imperfection?

AS: Anything that feels true and authentic and not altered..anything that makes people or a moment special…anything that doesn’t align with the current standards, with mainstream social media…anything that feels truly and authentically human

M: What do you love most about New York City (professionally, creatively, and/or personally)?

AS: New York is such a good representation of the Ayadee mindset. It might be intense, and crowded and dirty but it’s definitely its inner frenzy and energy that makes it so special. It loves diversity, loves uniqueness and is generous enough to adopt anyone from anywhere.

M: Who are some of the other female artists you admire?

AS: Paola Vilas (Jewerly), Leila Gohar (Food), Marina Silva (art)

PC: Ayadee Studio

M: What do you think is important to remember as an emerging female artist or creator?

AS: An artist is an artist, it’s not as much about the gender than the output. When you start out, work hard, but also be kind to yourself. Everything is #perfectlyimperfect, the pieces you make, the story you tell, the things you try, the people you meet.. try to see the beauty in that, it might be not what you pictured at first but your work and experience become richer and unique to what’s core to you.

M: What’s next for Ayadee Studio?

AS: We are launching a new line very soon called “Ayadee Treasures” these are vintage pieces that have been curated by our team..we are very excited to unveil these unique finds from around the world. These pieces might not be new but they were loved and  adored and there is beauty in their history and in their uniqueness. At Ayadee, we don’t want to push for more things to buy, but rather being surrounded by unique pieces that have meaningful stories.

Their current collections include 01: Cracks, 02: Repair, 03: Stitches, and 04: Rituals.

Thank you so much to Samar and Elena, the amazing artists and curators behind Ayadee. I cannot wait to see what’s to come from you!

Where you can find more of their work or information:

Ayadee Studio Website

Instagram: @ayadeestudio


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