Staycation in NYC

A couple of months ago I came across the not yet completed* Sister City hotel here in NYC. This new hotel was created by the people behind Ace Hotel and is built around the idea of having ‘just enough.’ I knew I needed to check it out for myself, so I planned a Bowery / LES date night ‘staycation’ with my girlfriend.

As of 5/9/19, the Last Light rooftop bar is open but their restaurant Floret is not yet ready.


After leaving work on Friday I picked up some Prosecco and made my way to the Lower East Side. Almost completely hidden away, yet in the center of it all right off of Bowery, Sister City felt like an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city the second I walked through their gate.

The check-in process was a breeze and done on my own with an iPad. The check-in area is off to one side of the lobby, leaving the rest of the space open with a gorgeous graphic map on the wall and seating area. There was someone in the check-in/out area to help with questions and the overall process, but it truly took less than 5 minutes to check in and get my room key.

I headed up to my room and in typical NYC hotel fashion, the room was small…but that’s exactly what I was expecting with this whole “less is more” approach.


They had some great features such as a wall unit that had small hooks that stuck or folded out and acted as the closet. The desk was also fold down, and housed a TV. The bathroom was a stall shower with sliding door. My only concerns were that the mirror was way too high for little 5’3″ me, and I wish that there was a mini fridge. BUT that being said the bed was comfy (we love a stripe), the huge water bottle was a nice touch, and I loved the connected speaker.

One cuisine E and I both really love is Mexican so we tried Rosie’s for dinner. We took a short walk from the hotel to share some spicy margs and tacos PHONE FREE. No phones all dinner was our rule for the night, and we stuck to it. When we were done, we headed to SubCulture for a comedy variety show and then made our way back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.


We brunched at Freeman’s because I knew it was in the area. If we’re being honest, I really just wanted to see the Instagram infamous blue door. Turns out it’s literally right next door to the hotel!

It was such a nice mini vacation from our day-to-day, and we spent some great QT (quality time) together!

I had also brought my new camera with me and we got some really random but funny video clips I put together, which you can watch here!

Until next time!



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