Contrary to the Name, Baking Soda Isn’t Just for Baking

Baking soda is such a common household kitchen item that you may not be aware of the many other uses for it. For example, when Eliza Wellington moved in with her roommates, she needed to find a way to help with the smells coming from her refrigerator. “Living with 3 other people, it’s actually surprising how quickly the smells in the refrigerator build up and not even just that, they linger” she shared. Her solution is baking soda. “I just stick a box with the top cut off in the back and make sure one of us is replacing it every few months to help diffuse some of the odor” she shared.

One of her other roommates has found another cleaning use for baking soda. Frank shared that he’ll sprinkle some down the kitchen drain every now and again to give the sink a refresh. “We all cook pretty regularly and don’t have a garbage disposal or a reliable sink drain. Sprinkling a bit of baking soda down there is meant to help keep things fresh and I definitely think it works!”

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