Singer-Songwriter Olivia Nicole Has Strong Opinions That She’s Excited to Share With Others

As previously reported, the feminist voice is strong in New York City. Whether it’s a new female-owned business popping up, the city re-naming a park after an influential woman in history, or a women’s march down Central Park women are making their mark and letting their voices be heard. 22-year-old singer-songwriter Olivia Blazas, who’s stage name is currently Olivia Nicole, was one of the women I had interviewed. Blazas sat down with me to talk about her passion for singing, being a feminist in NYC versus Nashville where she previously lived (and is about to move back to), and who she looks up to as feminist role models. As a singer, she plans to use her voice to help spread awareness, and her views, on topics such as the majority of society’s view of feminism.

Olivia Blazas (left) interview with Marissa Baglione

She likes to think her love of singing, writing, and performing was sparked after her mom brought her to a Britney Spears concert when she was five. “It was hard for me to know what she was singing, but I wanted to have my own concerts in my head so that’s when I sort of started writing my own songs.” She wants to inspire people “of all ages” to go after the things their passionate about even if it feels scary.

As previously shared, when asked about her favorite aspects of New York City she says one of the things she enjoys most is “the progressiveness. After spending such a long time in Nashville I felt oddly silenced. Popular opinions there were, you know, not what would really be popular here […] I would find myself to be really unapologetic about being a feminist.” She shares that she found the mindset of feminism is very surface level in Nashville, where New York there is actual work being done for change and people know it’s much ‘deeper’ of an issue than just “women not wanting to wear heels to work”.

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Some of the women she looks up to as role models are Jameela Jamil and Kim Kardashian. When talking about Jamil she shares, “she’s really empowering. She’s also tan-skinned like me so I feel like I relate to her a little bit more.” As a feminist role model, Blazas really admires Jamil’s activism and how she “calls herself a feminist but that she’s not the best feminist yet; she’s a feminist in the making.”

Blazas has been hard at work perfecting a new original song called ‘Evil Queen’. The song is about how society paints really outspoken, empowering women as evil and rude. “I want to debunk that feminists are these horrible people who want to make mens’ lives miserable.” She’s hoping that her move back to Nashville will allow her to find the right group of people to work on this with her, and she’s excited to put out this type of song in that environment first.

You can find Olivia Nicole on Instagram to stay up to date with her upcoming shows and projects!

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