“The Letter” A Short Story

I decided to go up to my brother’s room after I ate dinner and before anyone else got home. I walked into the dimly lit room and sat on the unmade bed. What a terrible way to start the summer, I thought. If my mother knew I was in here she would freak out. It’s [...]


Class of 2017

The following is the speech I submitted to be the undergraduate student commencement speaker, for which I was first runner-up, at Emmanuel College for the Class of 2017. "Good afternoon fellow graduates, faculty, staff, family, and friends, I would like to start off by forewarning you that public speaking is not my strong suit, but [...]

The 2017 Wrap-Up

It seems that at the end of every year I feel the need to write a post, but rarely post from January through November. I have faith in myself that one day this will change, but no promises yet haha. 2017 has been a rather crazy year, and I might go as far as saying [...]


Dear 2016, Thank you for being one of the best years of my life. Yes, you read that correctly.  As I sit in the airport preparing for my next big adventure that begins January 1, 2017 I can't help but reflect on what 2016 brought me. This past year has been absolutely life changing. To point [...]